Twittering Away

Twitter is a mode of technology I have consciously avoided, largely because I don’t understand it and secondly, it is about updating the world around you about what you are up to. However, my little sister decided to get twitter and so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon, if only to chat to her. Upon signing up, my suspicions were confirmed; an update service, circling around the most obscure elements of everyday life. But at the same time, celebrities seem to use it as a PR tool; a way to attract attention. And blogging, if nothing else, is about promoting yourself, and your abilities, as an artist, a writer or even a photographer. So tweeting seems like a good idea.

Tweeting seems as though it’s a constant status update, looking into every aspect of your life from what you had for your dinner, what time you got up and had a morning shower, to what your recent Asda shop consisted of. And a (very large) part of me can’t help but wonder why people want to know everything about everyone else; it’s as though human fascination, or a fascination in humanity as a species, has hit an exponential scale; the minute detail of everyday life is fascinating.

Twitter however feeds into the idea of self promotion in much the same way as blogging, hence the term “micro blogging”. Businesses feed into Twitter, updating everything from their staff roster to their current activities, and in this way, often use twitter to instantly promote themselves without having to go to the trouble of employing a PR company to do twice the work, for a gargantuan sum of money, without even half the effectiveness, as a simple Twitter post that can be accessed by millions. The instant nature of the Internet makes the world a smaller place, tied together with silicone strings; there is no such thing as the Atlantic distance, because it appears straight on your computer screen.

So, I’m going to give this twittering business a try, and see if I can make some more headway with my blog, and maybe one day I’ll be promoted to the “freshly pressed” section; attempting to promote yourself these days is sometimes easier than having to go through a business, or having to be signed up to agent. Your own little space on the Internet can be created, and so you have your own domain, and a place to begin building up your attempt for world domination, one follower at a time!




So, what did you think?

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