Sailing Through Campus

So here we are. I am quite literally, sat outside a lecture theatre forty-five minutes early purely because it’s raining so hard that walking home will turn me into a water storage unit. And to cap it all off, I’d have to walk all the way back too. The prognosis for the week is not looking much improved either; it’s set to continue in this diabolical fashion for some time, which leads me to wonder how on earth I’m going to survive the twenty-five minute walk to town this evening for my philosophy reading group, without drowning on the way. Six centimeters of rain is expected, most of which will try to embed itself in the fabric of my jeans, in my hair, and in my socks. That’s what living on the south coast will do for a person.

However, I’m thinking of taking up sailing next semester; I think it’ll be one of those healthy and wonderful activities, which “blow away the cobwebs” and give your skin that slightly sunburnt look. It’ll be a companionable way to spend a Saturday, instead of lying around in bed, making supernoodles, and planning how to spend your ten pounds in such a way that allows you to do a ten bar crawl around town. It’s a mathematical mystery if there ever was one. However, I think sailing would be a much more productive use of both time and money; it might even become a valuable life skill.


There are a number of problems I shall have to overcome first though; firstly, a lack of boating apparel, something which in all reality, shouldn’t be too difficult, since I live in a seaside town, which has all manner of weatherproof jackets and boat shoes a mere fifteen minute walk away. The second problem is that really, I don’t like boats. I get terrifically seasick. Ferries render me a nervous wreck. I think I may have to take a “mind over matter” approach and hope that the sea isn’t too bumpy; it’s slightly alarming, having absolutely no idea what lies beneath you in the water, and being so very alone (with the exception of a flat-mate and some friends) on the open sea. We’ve all seen Titanic.

I’ve only really been sailing a few times in my life, and on all occasions, I was the captain: the captain of the cheese sandwiches and strange tasting boat tea. I prepared all manner of refreshments, but in practice, had no real contribution to the actual sailing of the vessel. I liked sailing because I got to sit in the sunshine and float about a little bit, and then come home and have a warm shower with the classic “wind-swept” look. It’s not quite the same though, when you live alone. Things don’t really “happen”; dinner, much to my horror, doesn’t prepare itself, and if you wish to eat, you not only have to cook, but actually buy ingredients all by yourself. I’ll have to buy the bread and cheese for the cheese sandwiches, as well as make them.

All in all, I think sailing may be a bit of a learning curve. I think it’ll be worth it though, especially since I get to go with friends, and maybe this time, I’ll be allowed some navigational capacity. So… I’ll update you when we end up in a Spanish port on the north coast, as opposed to the Isle of Wight.





2 thoughts on “Sailing Through Campus

  1. Sarah, the idea of sailing also fills me with dread! I did not like the ferry over the to Isle of Wight indeed I was a little nervous on the steam boat in Disney world, LOL! Have you not seen Poseidon adventure when the boat turns upside down horrid! However, sailing into the sun set on a summers day does have a certain appeal. Lots of love Auntie Gill xx

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