An Overheated Evening In Hell’s Kitchen

So this evening has been eventful, on the basis that firstly, I did lots of work, and finished a presentation. And secondly, because I caused a small pan fire, in the kitchen. Which obviously is not good for the health of a flat, one’s flatmates, or oneself.

Now, you might be wondering how such a magnificently daft feat was achieved, and the only answer I have is that apparently, frozen peas into hot oil causes something of a combustion type effect. However, previous to the frying pan fire, I didn’t realise this, and so when I borrowed my flatmates hot pan to save on the endless pile of washing up, I didn’t quite realise what might follow. However, when I put the peas in, and immediately afterwards, two foot high flames rose into the air, I thought this might be a rather flammable concoction.

A recreation of this evening's events. (1)

As the flames licked upwards, towards the plastic overhang of the extractor fan, I stood there like a rabbit caught in headlights. In fact, I stood there looking profoundly more useless, because I just didn’t know what to do. I’ve never had a pan fire before. Now we know however, that unless it burns out, then a damp tea-towel will (hopefully) prevent your university allocated accommodation from becoming a small pile of cinders, on the floor.

When I phoned my lovely mum to tell her about this, she was both amused and exasperated I think. My dad was less amused; he expressed this by saying “Sarah, I worry you’re going to set fire to yourself, or somebody else one day soon.” I reassured him that it was okay, and that I have learnt, and from this day forth, I shall never put water into hot oil, ever again. I really should have revised basic combustion before bravely attempting to tackle the frying pan and hot hob combination.

And that, dear reader, is my contribution to describing the life of a university student for the day. Now, frankly, I advise you to take heed of these wonderful words of wisdom:

Hot oil + water = two foot high flames.

Ah, university. An endless learning experience.





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