Today Is Business Launch Day!

So today, I officially launched myself as a freelance writer, offering services in the following:

– Proof reading
– Editing
– Commissioned research projects and reports
– Copy editing
– Commissioned articles
– Editorial work.


So, if you know anybody, or would like to discuss this further, please refer me to them, and get in contact with me through commenting, or adding me on LinkedIn. Any support I receive would be so welcome, and I’d be incredibly grateful if you’d pass my name on to anyone who might be in need of these services.

I am currently working on establishing myself as a business, in the editorial industry, as a way of gaining invaluable work experience, and if anyone has any comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact.

Thanks very much for all your support in reading my blog, and thank you in advance, simply for reading this post.




12 thoughts on “Today Is Business Launch Day!

  1. All right then…. I might have a editing project for you but it would be something new and I am in America so I don’t know if that makes a difference? Want to try anyway? Let me know and we can email. Thanks. Shana Pyzik.

  2. So, I would like to know your opinions about the so-called genres of “literotica” “romance” and what constitutes straight-up “literature”?


    • I think literotica it just what it says on the tin. Erotic literature. It’s literature that uses the nuances of language to experiment with sensuality, and uses the concept of the signifier and signified to create mental images that are both stimulating and thought provoking. It can be both tasteful, or completely unsubtle, however by simply being literature (or at least well-written, beyond the simply conventions of pornography), it becomes literotica.

      Romance is probably a little more complicated, because the relationship between love and sex is not a simple one. In the first instance, sex can be fundamental to a successful relationship, and can be the ultimate expression of love. However, in modern society, we have begun to see sex as something of a commodity; it can be bought, and easily acquired, without any presupposition of a relationship. The world of straight up sex has no relationship to love; I think love instead incorporates sex.

      From this then, you can say that romance is not the same as sex. It can be romantic, but it is not necessarily romantic. Moving away from sex, romance can be considered small acts like bringing the morning coffee to bed, or being taken to the ballet. Romance, to my mind, belongs to a world of balls and chaffeur driven cars, and I’m afraid to say that romance, and romantic acts in the traditional sense of the word, are obsolete. Modern day romance is more pragmatic I think, but small acts that represent feelings are just as valued as they ever were. Romance is about feelings, because it is not a physical concept. It is an emotional construct, and much more difficult to find than the former, I think.

      Literature cannot ever be considered straight-up, I think. There’s canonical literature, as defined by critics such as F.R Leavis, however I think literature has extended beyond the canonical and is these days, much more accessible to a wider audience. Magazines such as The Paris Review, and Granta, represent new and upcoming authors, photographers, poets and journalists. They all represent literature however it isn’t canonical- not yet at least.

      Literature isn’t however a text message. I suppose there has to be substance; there need not be any point to it, but it has to be written according to conventions of language, and be written with a modicum of passion. I do not consider government white papers to be literature; I think a teenager’s autobiography can be.

      What literature is is a very subjective idea; it depends whether you are a religious follower of the canonical texts, or whether you consider Vogue articles to be literature. I know I certainly do, for the sake of progression, and moving forwards.

      Thank you for asking my opinion, I hope it helps! Everyone must feel differently about these things though, so I look forwards to hearing your thoughts on those three topics!

      SarahAlice (:

      • Thanks for the thoughtful reply. Some of my thoughts on the subject can be found in my posts: “The Life of the Mind, or Lo’s Love of Literature” and “H.H., You Slut!” Hope you enjoy.

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