War Crimes Convictions? But Katie Price Just Had Her Nose Done…

I have written on the subject of the media before, however in light of a very thought-provoking comment from a fellow blogger, I thought I’d write about media bias. It’s something that affects all of us whether we are aware that it does or not; because our perceptions are shaped by the world we experience, and if there’s something that can change the way we look at the universe, then that is powerful, potent even. As the age-old statement goes, “the pen is mightier than the sword”. Or in this case, television, Twitter, Facebook, and radio, might be more powerful than anything else.

Tony Blair (1)

Media control is an issue often associated with totalitarian regimes, and it is rarely perceived as an actual problem in what we refer to as the ‘civilized’ western world. However, the control that exists is subtle, and because it is subtle, there is little cause for rebellion against it, from most of us. It is widely accepted that newspapers tend to have a political bias, however it is not always obvious that the content of newspapers can, and often is, controlled to a certain extent by the proprietors of such things. Rupert Murdoch for instance, is hailed as the media’s big, bad bully; but on the other hand, who can blame the man for wanting to expand control? Power is a base human instinct.

The conviction of George W. Bush and Tony Blair for their role in the Iraq War (example courtesy of this blogger), was not well publicized in the slightest, despite the fact that they were convicted for the most heinous of crimes; a war crimes conviction is not something that is taken lightly in society, however the lack of news coverage in the aftermath of the aforementioned tribunal is astonishing; other elements of leadership, such as the organisations that underpin government, are often obscured through a sort of smoke and mirrors facade. Issues that should be fundamental in securing voters are often hidden, or at least not advertised. Small articles features on the very back pages of newspapers are often used to line kitty litter boxes, and few people really get to the bottom of difficult political issues on a regular basis.

This is also representative of the new celebrity craze that exists; we idolize the rich and famous, often for having made no significant contributions to society. We follow twitter updates constantly, and seem to associate our interests not in the trivial, per se, but in the more human elements of life. We are concerned with how the other half live. We are far less concerned as a society about the workings of government than we were one hundred years ago, however again we live in a culture that is shaped by the significance of media exposure, and so if all we are exposed to is human interest, then it is much more difficult to form a society that is genuinely concerned about finance. As the Nazi regime, and North Korean dictatorships have discovered, anything can be accomplished through propaganda, and there is always a side of the story that can and will be obscured if it is in aid of ‘the greater good’, or a particular political agenda.

I have included the comment of the aforementioned blogger, which was written in response to one of my earlier posts, because I think it provides a very interesting understanding of ‘the other side’.



You mention the connection between education and politics/ political leaders.

Here’s a fascinating video about that very subject.

I’m not sure if the national socialist (AKA Nazi) ideology is dead at all. The main difference between the corporate fascism of the WWII Germany and the corporate fascism we see in the ‘west’ today seems to be that in Germany the state took over the corporations. Today the corporations are taking over the state. (My brain is saying “Like, whatever….”)

Don’t forget that the Nazi’s were funded by elite bankers such as the Rockefellers and even George W. Bush’s grandfather Prescott Bush.To understand why they would do this we just need to look above the school history textbook (or mass media/ Hollywood) version of history and realise that the banking and political ‘elite’ sit above nation states and have no particular allegiance to any of them. Not only do they fund and profit financially from war (from human death, let’s be honest), but they use war as a means to affect the geopolitical landscape in order to consolidate their power.

Their motto is ‘Order out of Chaos’. They first create or manipulate the chaos into being (a war, an economic crash, a terrorist act etc) and then while the world is in disarray and the traumatized public are desperate for their leaders to “do something”, it’s much easier for them to steer society towards their desired objectives, towards their new order (towards their ‘new world order’).

The strategy is all around us. David Icke, although much ridiculed for some of his theories, sums it up perfectly in the phrase: Problem – Reaction – Solution.

After the elite funded WWII was over, hundreds of Nazi mind control and rocket scientists were imported to the US, pardoned of their horrific crimes and integrated into the US military industrial complex, including universities. Many of the propulsion scientists (such as Von Braun) ended up working for NASA.

As researchers like bestselling author and journalist Jim Marrs have pointed out, the Nazi’s didn’t really ‘lose’ WW2…. they just had to relocate to somewhere else ie America. In reality, America was hijacked by these globalist elite and their psychopathic frontmen long, long ago. The people who run America today are all CFR members (an organisation well worth researching), including Obama (not that he really runs America – he is just a wall street puppet like most presidents).

It all makes a lot more sense once you realise their agenda for world domination actually requires an end to the ‘superpower’ (ie any nation strong enough to actually stand up to them!). IOW the very people who run America today are intent on destroying it! That is why they are happy to start war after war after war costing trillions …… or sell off all America’s industry to China ….. or destroy the constitution with the Patriot Act and NDAA….all at a time when the economy is so bad even middle class Americans are losing their homes and living in tent cities.

While the Bush family were busy promoting flag waving patriotism in order to send young boys to war (see also: Hitler) they were busy buying up hundred thousand acre ranch in Paraguay sitting on its own aquifer, ready for when America finally collapses and/ or turns into a fully fledged police state / ‘failed state’ under martial law.

Both Bush and Blair were found guilty of war crimes for Iraq under the Geneva Convention in a recent tribunal. And this didn’t even make the mainstream news such is the control the ‘elite’ have over the media these days (just five corporations own nearly all the main media networks in the US…. and the BBC is just as controlled).

Preemptive wars of empire, genocide of innocent civilians, foreign threats and terrorism blown out of all proportion and used to provoke fear and xenophobia, torture, false flag attacks, FEMA concentration camps, the erosion of civil rights, outlawing of basic freedoms and the creation of surveillance society based on fear and perhaps most importantly of all: a complacent, brainwashed public who can’t see it all for what it really is ……. has anything really changed since the days of Nazi Germany?

Have things in fact gotten worse?

Was that OK? … I can rant for longer if you want? ;) (well you’ve got to laugh…)


(1) http://www.topnews.in/files/tony-blair3.jpg



10 thoughts on “War Crimes Convictions? But Katie Price Just Had Her Nose Done…

  1. I think you are right and for me this demonstrates once again that Huxley and not Orwell had it right about how we would be pacified as a populace. Social media is our Soma. Television – and mostly reality television – is our Fordism.

  2. Hi there Sarah Alice. I am deeply interested in the new world order and like you, I was astounded at the lack of media coverage given to the convictions of Bush and Blair by the international media.

    I think you’ll find this article interested and would really appreciate your perspective on it. Maybe you could write a blog post about it at some point? I find the analysis of Lady Gaga’s use of the masonic ‘all seeing eye’ compelling and chilling in its implications.


  3. Omg what the hell? Do you just like, blog whatever comes into your head without even checking your sources or anything? A quick google search told me that that conviction was carried out by a Malaysian Court that has no power to even enforce its conviction. It’s totally symbolic so it’s no wonder that the media ignored it, it’s not a real conviction. When our president and the prime minister of england are tried and convicted by a real court like the hague that can actually enforce its decision then it will be news.

    To enforce international law you generally have to be stronger than the country you want to enforce it in because you usually have to INVADE the country to do it. That’s why we went into Bosnia for Christ’s sake, to depose war criminals and enforce international law. I don’t see the government of Malaysia giving the order to shell Washington DC anytime soon, do you? Heck I could call myself a
    judge, try jennifer Aniston in absentia and then find him guilty of whatever crime I wanted and it would have pretty much the same standing.

    but even worse is your blithe repetition of a comment by some paranoid conspiracy fruitloop that references DAVID ICKE, and he says that there’s no difference between Nazi Germany and the west today. HELLO I don’t see any Jews being put into ovens around here? Plus I went on David Icke’s wikipedia page and I found this in like, two seconds:

    “At the heart of his theories lies the idea that a secret group of reptilian humanoids called the Babylonian Brotherhood controls humanity, and that many prominent figures are reptilian, including George W. Bush, Queen Elizabeth II, Kris Kristofferson, and Boxcar Willie.”

    Does that sound like a reliable source to you? Does that sound like the kind of thing someone who wasn’t a tinfoil hat wearing cuckoo-head would use as a source?

    I’m choosing to believe you’ve just not checked your sources because the alternative is that you actually checked it out and believe all this nazi space reptile stuff which would be even worse.

    I’d be really embarrassed if I were you. 😦

    • I think the fact that it was a symbolic conviction makes it important, and I’d like to point out that I do check my facts, however I like to look at information in new ways, even if they can be construed as a little out there. The piece doesn’t suggest that Nazi Germany and the West are exactly the same, only that there are some elements that could be interpreted as similar. There’s a space for all kinds of viewpoints, and everyone is entitled to opinions, and to believe whatever it is they wish to believe. The convictions are not legal in British jurisdiction, however I do think that they hold symbolic value. There are many people I think who would agree with the Malaysian court’s feelings on the subject, and isn’t justice more about fulfilling human ideas of crime and punishment, than concerns over jurisdiction? And I’m not embarrassed, I don’t believe in the Nazi reptile stuff myself, however it’s an idea that can be looked at, regardless of how diverse it might seem.

      I’d also like to point out that if my blogging offends you so, there’s really no obligation for you to continue to read.

    • I would like to respond to some of your criticisms of my original comment if I may…

      Yes the tribunal was held by a Malaysian Court with essentially no power to enforce its conviction. But that is not the point at all. The point is that they convicted Blair and Bush under the terms of the Geneva Convention. The same terms used to convict Nazi war criminals. Either you think Nazis were unjustly convicted of their crimes or you think Bush and Blair are guilty as well. You can’t have it both ways.

      Your rather disturbing stance on this seems to be ‘Might is Right’. In other words, whoever has the biggest guns and the greatest control over NATO, UN or any other agency of force gets to make the rules and define what is or isn’t a war crime.

      If a government (along with mass media and so on) has gotten to the stage where it has begun invading sovereign nations and committing genocide and other war crimes it is highly unlikely that that same government (as it continues to pursue the same policies!) is going to suddenly turn around and convict itself of war crimes. Unfortunately for the world it seems people like you will never be willing to acknowledge the crime staring you right in front of your face until they do convict themselves of it. Which, of course will never happen. You defer to authority, hierarchy and force rather than following reason and evidence.

      But none of this even matters compared to what already know is happening in Iraq – regardless of any tribunal. In this sense I agree, the Malaysian tribunal is purely symbolic – we *already know* horrific war crimes are being committed out there. We can see it the mutilated child corpses and ‘depleted uranium babies’ for ourselves. Even people like Rumsfeld have had to admit no WMD’s were ever found there, thus defeating their own justification. ‘Regime change’ is simply not enough of a justification under international law.

      And so I’m not quite sure what point you are trying to argue here. Are you perhaps suggesting there is some *secret* justification for this war that the rest of us don’t know about, and that the decade long genocide we have witnessed is all an illusion?! (or perhaps that law and basic morality doesn’t apply to Iraqis as much as it would if they had invaded us based on lies and then slaughtered a million of our civilian population?). Fee free to explain your ‘logic’ if you can.

      “….a comment by some paranoid conspiracy fruitloop ….”

      But this is just ad hominem attack. As such it is a waste of everyone’s time. If you want to dispute any of the evidence or sources I discussed with counter evidence and sources of your own please feel free to do so. I await your case!

      I don’t expect you have ever considered the actual meaning of ‘paranoid conspiracy theory’ and applied this meaning to the real world.

      In terms of evidence (rather then propaganda) the most dangerous, paranoid and nutty conspiracy theories have all come from governments themselves, rather than the public.

      For example, the *theory* that Saddam Hussein was *conspiring* with his government to manufacture and hide WMD’s and that he intended to use them against the west makes it by definition a ‘conspiracy theory’. This particular conspiracy theory was eventually proven to be wrong. Those who believed in this CT or were influenced by peer pressure to accept it unquestioningly (deference to authority and hierarchy) ended up costing the UK and US $trillions, costing military families their loved ones, costing soldiers their lives (and limbs, and mental health for the rest of their lives), costing the Iraqi people their entire society and a million lives and costing the environment unfathomable damage. That makes it a very costly conspiracy theory I’m sure you’ll agree. These effects will be felt for generations to come. And the lead conspiracy theorists – the government – will all be enjoying their luxurious retirement (many already are) even as children who are as yet unborn are forced via taxation to pay back the massive loans taken out in their names to pay for this hugely expensive, conspiracy theory based, illegal war of genocide.

      And what I describe is just the effects of one out of many such government conspiracy theories we have been forced to endure.

      If you supported the Iraq invasion you were – by definition – supporting a conspiracy theory. And one for which you had absolutely no hard evidence for whatsoever, just relentless war propaganda.

      And consider that when people *question* and *challenge* government conspiracy theories (and the true motives behind them) and demand to see evidence that would back them up, the government and the mass media labels them ‘conspiracy theorists’ in a blatant example of what George Orwell called ‘double think’.

      As for David Icke, I must again ask you if you actually refute the *evidence* he presents in the video link I provided …. or are you just making more ad hominem attacks about someone who’s work you know nothing about? As it happens, he wrote about Prescott Bush’s funding of the Nazis in his books many years before it was picked up by the mainstream press (Guardian, NY Times etc). Am I to assume you ridicule the authors of those mainstream articles as well?

      Yes we all know Icke has put forth some very controversial theories involving inter dimensional entities manipulating (‘possessing’, if you will) certain people belonging to certain bloodlines. And he would be the first to admit how outlandish these theories sound… and how little he cares if you choose to take him seriously or not.

      But I wonder…. if I gave you a sheet of A4 right now and asked you to write a brief essay on what Icke’s main theories actually are, could you do it? I suspect not – yet you still feel justified enough to attack his work anyway.

      Some of his theories may be outlandish, but they are at least based on solid, documented (and rather uncontroversial) evidence. I am neither a supporter or a detractor of his ‘reptilian’ theories, but I will say this just to put this theories in some sort of realistic context: He provides more hard evidence for his inter dimensional ‘reptilian’ entity theories than any of the religions of the world do for their inter dimensional god(s) theories.

      At least Icke let’s the *evidence* shape his crazy theories. Any decent historian will tell you that the royal and aristocratic bloodlines of Europe can be traced back through history right back to Babylon and that reptilian ‘gods’ coming down to earth and interbreeding (mixing their DNA) with humans is a part of the cultural legends of many ancient cultures, not least the Sumerians themselves. The Sumerian tablets even describe in great detail processes of genetic manipulation. A science we have only ‘discovered’ and developed in the last half century or so!

      We also know that the same basic families (bloodlines) have been ruling every civilisation and empire for thousands of years. And the justification they have always given for their right to rule is (as we all know) their specific and unique DNA… their ‘blue blood’. We all know how much they like to interbreed to keep their bloodline ‘pure’. In addition it is widely known that many US presidents and even Hollywood stars are also branches of these same European blue blooded families (even CNN did an news item on this a while ago).

      So we have the same genetic streams isolating themselves from the rest of the gene pool and ruling kingdoms, religion, politics, the media and entertainment for thousands of years. In addition we know that an unusually high proportion of the elite establishment engage in ritual child abuse and other occult practices. And they certainly love their reptilian / dragon symbolism and imagery! All this (and a ton more data besides) does rather invite some sort of theory…. if only for the hell of it 🙂

      Perhaps it is the royal bloodlines themselves who are obsessed with the idea that they have alien reptilian hybrid DNA and Icke is simply uncovering this belief and perhaps the basis of their feeling of superiority for the last few thousand years?

      One can take Icke’s ‘reptilian’ theme literally or as an metaphor. Or perhaps somewhere in between. As we all know, royalty throughout the centuries are well known for their lack of empathy, murderous tendencies, lust for power, devotion to the hierarchy and possessiveness, jealousy and material greed. These are all classic traits of the primitive ‘reptilian brain’ (the R-complex) which we all posses. In that sense they are very ‘reptilian’ indeed!

      Why does David Icke upset you so much? ….. particularly as you haven’t (I assume) read a single book of his! When scientist boffins came out with wacky theories about parallel universes and ‘branes’ and string theory did you huff and puff about them as well?

      When Icke isn’t talking about reptilians (it’s a very small part of his work) he is usually sticking his neck on the line exposing horrific crimes like high level establishment child abuse in the social services And in particular the shocking case of Hollie Grieg and the subsequent cover up, including the recent unlawful imprisonment of campaigner Robert Green for a year for attempting to hand out leaflets in Aberdeen.

      I wonder what do YOU do in your spare time…?

      “…I’d be really embarrassed if I were you…”

      Again, I invite you to argue the validity of my comment in terms of specifics, evidence, reason…. rather than in terms of accepted (consensus) reality, peer pressure, authority etc…..

      At least do a minimal amount of research (a bit more just wikipedia! LOL), rather than just reacting on impulse (very reptilian!) and personally attacking people you’ve never met about subjects you have absolutely no clue about.

      • Thank you very much for this evenly argued response- as I have informed Dolores, there’s no obligation for her to read my blog, if it offends her so. In fact, I’d appreciate the benefits of her absence. Thank you, Abandon TV, for your alternative thoughts on the subject!


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