On Beautiful Shoes

I genuinely hope to own these one day, they’re Miu Miu (1)

I really enjoy luxurious things. I always have. It’s been something of an expensive pursuit, over the years, and by far the worst part of university is the inability to buy expensive body cream, and pretty clothes. I still do fairly well, all things considered, however being financially responsible is really not something I enjoy. In fact, I’d much rather go back to the days where I bought lots of things, and my Mum told me off for not having any money (because I’d spent it all on something ‘useless’. Occasionally our definitions of useless clashed considerably.) I never used to feel guilty about spending money, however now, I do, if I buy something I could have acquired for less money, or if it’s something I don’t really need.

I do occasionally get round this guilt by persuading myself that I really need a new dress. I go out quite a lot because I’m a student, and therefore I must have something to wear to this multitude of occasions. They also have to be fitting for lots of different things, from casual nights out, to themed space parties. My advice to a prospective student is to find as much dressing up stuff as you can, before you depart on your adventure. It’ll solve so many problems. I also suggest finding false eyelashes, tails, cat’s ears and wings, because I find that they are multi-use items of clothing.

It all depends of course, on where you go to university. If you live in a distinctly rural area, like myself, heels are very rarely worn on a night out, and I think I’ve worn trainers on most of the evenings out I’ve had. I choose this because at some point during the night, I tend to get tired, and take my shoes off. Which means I either walk with the risk of broken glass in my foot, or I change into trainers. I therefore prefer to skip this, and just wear trainers from the outset. If you’re at university in somewhere like London or Bristol however, heels are the norm. You should really adjust your wardrobe accordingly, and don’t take things that you won’t use, because at some point, you’ll have to move out of halls. The best thing to do is streamline the shoe collection, especially if like myself, you’re something of a collector. At home, I have a beautiful shoe collection. And I genuinely worry about them feeling neglected during my long absences.

But anyway, back to my starting sentence. Luxury is something I hope to afford one day in the future. And in the meantime, there are quite a few passable body creams out there. It just depends on how much money you’d like to preserve for things like food, and rent.


(1) http://www.sisow.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Miu-Miu-Luxury-Shoes.jpg






4 thoughts on “On Beautiful Shoes

  1. I find that I seldom spend on material things in my adult life (like those yummy shparklee shoes) – instead, I opt for spending money on experiences: travel and concerts, mostly. Dresses wear out, memories don’t (well, not anytime soon, at least)…hopefully!

    • These are some very wise words! I will have to budgeting very well next year in preparation for going to Africa, but I’m hoping all goes to plan, and I avoid the sparkly shoes until I’m financially very, very solvent. Although sometimes there’s nothing to cheer a girl up like buying new shoes.

      Thank you for reading!

  2. Those shoes are really pretty! I was raised to budget my money well but to also treat myself with every paycheck. That doesn’t mean it is something large, it could be a cupcake or a book, or even something more extravagant. My mother was raised the same by her mother and so on. The point is to value your life and appreciate the things you have while managing your priorities, but to also indulge yourself because you never know what time will bring. They say that while you’re off making plans, life moves on without you. Might as well live it to the fullest and be happy. 😀

  3. I love that! It sounds like a brilliant philosophy. I’m currently budgeting towards sharing a car with one of my housemates next year at university (we live in a rural area, so cars are an advantage), and that’ll be my biggest priority for a while, alongside things such as rent. I’m looking for a new job down here though!

    Thank you for your advice!

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