On The Canvas

The subject of piercings is often a contentious one, especially when raised between parents and children. The same sort of thing goes for tattoos. Parents as a rule do not tend to agree with offspring putting holes in their eyebrows, lips, nipples, and so forth. I have managed to work my way around this by saying that I won’t ever get any tattoos, or facial piercings. Piercings below the neck are accepted with a degree of derision, repulsion and disapproval, however on the whole, tend to pass without being commented upon.


In a professional sense, I think they ought not be on show to your boss. There are boundaries, however I think that as long as they’re covered, anyone ought to be allowed to alter their body in any way they might want to. It’s an artistic licensing issue. We all have one beautiful canvas given to us at birth, and by the age of eighteen, we are granted the ability to put whatever we so wish on and through our skin. It’s kind of beautiful, if you think about it. Anyone can look as they want to. Nobody has any real right to change the way you look, except you.

I like the idea of being an individual. It depends on you, I think. Everything is beautiful, as long as it’s yours, your idea.


(1) http://www.amazingtattoo.info/data/media/11/tattoo_model_search.jpg




2 thoughts on “On The Canvas

  1. My personal feeling is that I do not like tattoos. They might look great at first but over the years they fade and as skin starts to loosen with age, they tend not to look so nice. That girl in the picture may look beautiful with her tattoos now but they are not going to look as good when she is drawing her pension.

    But as you say, it is down to the individual if they want them.

    • I think that they look good in youth but do alter when a person begins to age, but that’s a natural process, I suppose. It’s a personal choice, I think!

      Thank you for reading!


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