Frustrations of the Technological Variety


A short note today, really. Mainly focussed on how frustrated I am by all internet service providers, and phone packages. We’ve been searching, high and low, for a reasonably priced phone and broadband package, one that doesn’t come with a lifetime of ‘one-off’ costs, and frankly I’m astounded by the lack of availability for such a simple idea.

And then of course, is the installation problem. It can’t possibly take that long to install a phone line. It is not much to ask that somebody comes to put a little wire in, y’know, before my fiftieth birthday. And saying there’s only four engineers in the entire country? Well, this simply doesn’t fly with me. There are far more, and people are looking for jobs. Therefore I have a solution: start training the unemployed to install internet and phone connections. People pay good money for this invaluable service, and I think the economy would receive a much-needed boost, especially if people were connected to the internet, and therefore able to browse online shops, and so on.

It would also make me much, much happier to know that I wasn’t going to be without internet for what appears to be seven million years. In modern-day society, it kind of starts to feel as though you are reaching an apex of the social pariah; what did we do before Twitter and Facebook, and what did we do before instantaneous information was available? We had to go to the library and look through the catalogue. And now, thanks to the wonderful department that deals with such installations, it seems that we will be able to experience an era of research and paper. I’m so very grateful for the experience.





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