Bucket List

So, everyone has a bucket list: things they want to do in their lives. I have some ideas of what I want to do, and taking inspiration from some other blogs on WordPress, I thought I’d make a page, to finally set in stone some of these ideas. So, here we are. I hope you like my list!

1. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. (Summer 2013!)

2. See all of the seven wonders of the world.

These include: Matchu Pitcchu, Petra, Christ the Redeemer (Brazil), Great Wall of China, Giza Pyramids, Chichen Itza, Colosseum (Italy), and the Taj Mahal.

3. Write and publish a novel.

4. Write and publish a book of poetry.

5. Get married in Las Vegas.

6. See the Northern Lights.

7. Stand on both the North and South Poles.

8. Become a publishing mogul.

9. Obtain a 1st class honours degree.

10. Go on a wildlife safari and stroke a lion.

11. See all of the seven continents.

12. Go on a hen weekend to Las Vegas (The Hangover style)

13. Read War and Peace from cover to cover.

14. Finish a triathlon.

15. Study at Oxford University. (Even if it’s just a summer course)

16. Finish a marathon.

17. Build a house from foundations upwards.

18. Live in New York City

19. Go skydiving (and I really do hate heights).

20. Learn to cook a Christmas dinner (turkey included).

So this is the bucket list for now. I’m sure there might be some more ideas that pop into my head. I hope I do manage to do everything on my list; I’ll be heartily disappointed if I don’t!




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