Supporting Photographers!

Yesterday, my lovely flatmate, Sam, updated his blog with all of the work he’s put into his first year of BA Hons Press and Editorial Photography. His work is fantastic, and I’ve never seen anyone so committed to a particular course. It’s remarkable how myself and other flatmates moan around exam time about the complexities of our course, and Sam just gets on with making workbooks, and hanging out in the dark room. He put an awful lot of effort into work this year, even securing freelance work for companies such as Student Surf Tour.

So, please have a look at his blog, its brilliant!




Issuu Update

So, in light of my recent, rather ponderous post, I have decided to go full steam ahead in creating a magazine prototype. So far, I have a couple of articles, a photography spread, a few opinion pieces, and two book reviews, with many thanks to The minute details are being adjusted day by day; alignment seems to be a massive problem in creating magazine pages. So far, I have nearly fifty pages of creative work, and it’s really starting to come together. Not only is it starting to come together, but I daresay that it’s starting to almost look professional.

Creating the project seems to have been a rather steep learning curve all on its own. Each spread has taught me something new, especially about IT management and using technology in a creative capacity. The use of colour also seems to be of paramount important in creating something, and creating an atmosphere around the text. The colours within photographs consistently have to align with the text, and enhance it; the emphasis has to remain on the creative element of the spread, no matter how gorgeous the font, or font colour may be. I suppose it’s prioritizing; it’s placing emphasis on creativity as opposed to aesthetics.

Equally however, aesthetics is of paramount importance; the magazine should look professional, and clean. I’m seeking a crisp layout; nothing too fussy, consistent, but not mind numbing. The articles for example are all formatted in a similar fashion; the text is the same size and font, however I’ve placed a variety of images on each of the pages to break up the text, and make it more accessible.

These details seem almost irrelevant, however I find them fascinating; the smallest changes seem to be making an enormous difference to the appearance of the publication. I also keep thinking of different elements to look at including at four o’clock in the morning, and then wondering whether or not this would make the magazine seem unfocused. I haven’t quite come up with a defined idea of what I’d like the magazine to be about, at this point; I know that I want it to be creatively focused, intermixed with some serious journalism and photography projects. It’s still very much in the early planning stages, and prototype stage, but making the prototype is confirming my commitment to pursuing a career in the publishing sector. That I think, makes the project worthwhile in its own right.

However, I need some advice; I need a title for the magazine. I started off thinking of “Live Critique”, however I’m not sure it captures the imagination enough, or whether it seems a little dry, and associated with literary theory explicitly enough to be off-putting. Please tell me what you think!



To Issuu or Not to Issuu. That Is the Question.

My flatmate introduced me to a website yesterday, called Issuu. I had been previously unaware of its existence, however this morning I created an account, and watched explanatory videos. It would seem that you can create an online magazine, or publish your work as though it were a glossy magazine. Now, I would love a career in publishing one day, and so this seems like a wonderful place to start. I have the resources to begin, but I don’t think I could write an online magazine entirely on my own. So I think I’m going to have to enlist some help.

I thought firstly, I could take a selection of previous posts, and tweak them, to make them into viable magazine articles, and collaborate with photographers at my university for the photo-shopping, and making things look pretty. However, I was wondering if I could find other contributors, around university and amongst the blogging community, who might like to be a part of an online magazine.

Pretty glossy magazines. (1)

If I were to try to jump-start a magazine, I’d take a creative focus; photography, and journalism, perhaps with columnists. I’d attempt to publish initially every three months. I’d like to include reviews on books, films, and music. I’d like to include three or four articles on current events, and I’d also like a photography project in there too. I don’t mind what kind of photography project; anything from fashion journalism, to personal projects. But I think I’d like to include an ‘editor’s letter’ too, and perhaps a theme per issue. The fist issue could be devoted to “Beginnings”; this covers a rather wide scope for topics. I think the idea of creating a ‘glossy’ magazine cost effectively also rather appeals to me. I’d like to be a part of paper publishing too one day, but one step at a time…

There are also innumerable benefits for publishing online; sharing, and sharing the rights to works, is made much simpler when using digital files, and work can be distributed among a much wider readership. Essentially here, I’d try to take some of my blogging experience, and my university experience, and make it more aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated, and pop it up online. I suspect that without the publishing costs, and therefore buying costs, people would be much more willing to read it; and any exposure for authors is exposure. It would be rather an experimental venture, but it could be off the ground reasonably quickly due to our boundless technological advances, and invaluable, curriculum vitae worthy experience too. I suppose there’s an element of coordination and management to be considered.

So, I need some ideas; anyone with experience, or anyone with a pointer to give to me, I’d be more than happy to listen to your suggestions!




A Beautiful Jordanian Day


The Sunrise over Dana

I wanted to post this because this was the morning when I realised I not only wanted to travel, but I wanted to write about it too. The sun and the moon together represent something inexplicably beautiful. I wanted to be somewhere, go somewhere, or do something that wasn’t financially motivated; I wanted to go across the globe, and be happy. I want to be able to see another thousand of sunrises like this; the photograph does not quite do it justice, but it was beautiful; it was silent, and so cold that your nerves were quite literally on fire. I have never seen anything comparable to this, except perhaps sunset over Petra.

Sunset over Petra

This was taken as we walked back down from the High Place of Sacrifice; it was getting very dark, very quickly. The earth looked red, and the sky looked as though it had been set on fire by the heavens. This is one of the most beautiful places I think in the world, and one of my ultimate goals is to see every one of the wonders of the world.

I hope that I never ever want to stop being in places like this, and I hope everyone else gets to be somewhere as beautiful at least once in their life.