On Twitter: For the Technologically Bemused

So it’s been a little while since I joined the twitter community, and I can honestly say that I don’t think it’s really enriched my life yet. I have developed a new working knowledge of what Stephen Fry’s imaginary wife feels like, and what she has for dinner, but nothing of any real note. It’s incredibly frustrating; I thought it was going to be a way to access a media waterhole, a way to promote this blog, and to establish an internet presence. And bizarrely enough, my strange little webpage has far more followers than my humble twitter account.


Part of the problem might be however that I’m not very good at tweeting. I don’t understand the point of it, and I never know what would make an entertaining tweet, given you’re only allowed one hundred and sixty characters. I can’t imagine how a person manages to get an interesting, engaging piece of information into such a small space. Also, I never know what people are interested in; I could say, for instance, that I’m having roasted butternut squash for dinner, but honestly, who really cares? Aside from being able to update people instantaneously about what’s going on in your life, I see no real benefit. I imagine you must need friends who also tweet. I have no such friends, or people who would even contemplate doing so.

Twitter has essentially replaced the BBC when it comes to announcing ground breaking news, however I tend to be the last to know everything. The nature of the website suggests that you’d have to be constantly looking at it, updating and retweeting (also, what is the point of “retweeting”? Someone has already mentioned it…) tweets. I get bored, log off, and come back a day later with absolutely no idea of what I’ve missed. And surely the point of twitter is that you miss out on absolutely nothing. Including all your friend’s bathroom breaks, meal choices, and romantic engagements. One would almost start to think that there is no privacy in the world. Not even in waste expulsion.

The only reason I really acquired twitter was to, as I mentioned above, promote myself; I’m not sure if this particular endeavour is really paying off yet, or maybe I simply have to give it time. I wonder if anyone else has had experiences of twitter lately, and are you as bemused as myself by the whole affair?


(1) http://www.whatralphknows.com/WindowsLiveWriter/FunnyTwitterCartoon_13F7F/twitter%20cartoon_thumb.jpg